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Links, Maps and Articles about precious opal and/or Virgin Valley


Virgin Valley & Opal Links


Hwy Map
Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

click an icon for information and driving directions - the Opal Negra mill site is the icon that looks like a little house

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"Precious Opal" 
Pliny’s “Improbably Picturesque” Gemstone
By Bob Jones, Senior Consulting Editor for Rock&Gem magazine Reprinted with the permission of Rock&Gem Magazine; Published in October 2004

Opal Terminology

Paul B. Downing, Ph.D., noted opal authority and author of several well known books on opal, opal valuation and opal cutting wrote an appendix to his Opal: Advanced Cutting & Setting that discusses the terminology used to describe the various forms of opal.  His publisher, Majestic Press, has graciously allowed us to reprint it here.

Pricing Opal

An interesting and informative article about precious opal and it's pricing.  Includes excerpts from "Opal Identification and Value" by Paul Downing, internationally known opal authority.

Desert Magazine Article

Here's a link to a Desert Magazine, 1943 article on Virgin Valley. A little bit of history about Virgin Valley and it's opal. The article starts on page 13.

Nevada Magazine Article

"Romancing the Stones"

An article by Carolyn Dufurrena  from the May/June 1986 edition of Nevada Magazine.  One of the best articles I've seen about Virgin Valley opal and the people who mine it.


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